Chow Mane serves a fresh bowl of “Tasty” vibes [VIDEO]

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Bay Area rapper Chow Mane shares the vibrant visuals for his flavor-filled single titled “Tasty.” The track continues his trademark tasty adlib and his IG cooking stories bit and fleshes them out in an elaborate manner. Backed by a 808-laden backdrop Chow Mane delivers a fun-filled performance laced with quips, some insightful lyrics into his upbringing, and a whole lot of youthful bravado. With lines like , “Mama had to struggle just to raise me. Five-spice put it on my braised beef. I’ve been hella wavvy since a baby. I got that sauce on me…tasty!” Chow Mane brings that summer vibe on wax.

The visual directed by Dale Keano is very zany, animated, and colorful. It all starts with an episode of “Cooking With Chow” until he gets rudely hit in the head with a loaf of bread that knocks him unconscious and into this endlessly entertaining dream sequence. He falls while weaving through fried chicken wings and lands back into his kitchen with a new look and confident attitude. Surrounded by digital strawberries, Chow Mane makes his way through the house as the clock counts down the time until his dream comes to an end

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