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Even Miami’s Uber Popular Club LIV Is Facing Uncertainties About Reopening 

2020 Pegasus World Cup Championship Invitational Series

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One of the most beloved party destinations in Miami remains closed leaving thousands of partygoers and many rappers no place to call home in South Beach. The brains behind Club LIV is discussing his game plan.

As spotted in Billboard Magazine, David Grutman conducted in an in-depth interview with the music industry periodical. Since March the nightlife hotspot, which in the last ten years has become a must-visit for any rapper that is in town, has been closed since March due to the pandemic.

In June, the city gave the green light for restaurants to reopen but for many the move was premature. The events guru revealed that he too thought that the coronavirus wasn’t going to be a concern for long.

“We thought the world was back,” he explained. “I was naïve enough to think that we’d turned the corner.”

But positive cases quickly spiked soon after throughout Florida to the point that the Sunshine State became the unofficial epicenter for the pandemic. Six weeks later he voluntarily shut down his doors for all his local businesses from his hospitality empire.

“We were allowed to reopen and bars were not, yet people were drinking like crazy at our place, so it was one of those mixed-signal things. It built up a lot of animosity,” Grutman added.

Prior to the outbreak, Club LIV was figuratively printing money with an estimated 10,000 plus partygoers attending every weekend. Thus, it is no surprise that Grutman gets frequently asked when the nightclub will re-open.

While he has some strategies in place that will help patrons party in a thoughtful manner, like five-minute rapid testing and putting ultraviolet disinfecting lights inside the vents, he is unsure if it is enough without a vaccine present.

“Everybody has their own ideas of what’s going to happen, second wave, no second wave,” Grutman said.

Recently, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez explained “we take a more cautious approach here in Miami-Dade, we are still not out of the woods.”

Let’s hope we can get back to normal times soon.

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Brooklyn-Based Company Grado Labs Introduces Its First Truly Wireless Earphones, The GT220 

Grado True Wireless In-Ears GT220

Source: Grado /GT220

These bad boys are years in the making and boast some impressive features.

Tuesday (Oct.20), Brooklyn-based audio company Grado Labs, founded in 1953 by audio legend Joseph Grado announced its first truly wireless earphones, the GT220. When designing the earbuds, the company revealed that it wanted to take its time creating a compact and versatile wireless headphone that offers such vocality and depth.

Grado True Wireless In-Ears GT220

Source: Grado / GT220

The GT220 features a bifurcated capacitive touch system that offers users different controls just by touching them. The left bud controls phone & voice while the right bud controls music playback. The GT220 creates a tight seal in the ear with just a twist lock to help provide the best sound quality.

Grado True Wireless In-Ears GT220

Source: Grado / GT220

The GT220 also features full volume control allowing the wearer to make adjustments while not taking out their smartphones. Grado also boasts that the GT220 provides an astounding 36 hours of listening playback, which should last you on your commutes to the office or a cross country flight. The true wireless experience promises to deliver at least 6 hours of playtime. When the battery does eventually get low, the charging case provides the GT220s with juice 5x over the company announced.

Grado True Wireless In-Ears GT220

Source: Grado / GT220

Speaking of the case, the GT220 will also give you the choice of either charging them via a  USB-C cable or wireless.

Grado True Wireless In-Ears GT220

Source: Grado / GT220

Jonathan Grado, VP of Grado Labs, expressed his excitement about the release of GT220 wireless headphones. In a press release, he stated:

“I’m pretty excited about finally releasing the GT220. We’ve been working on these for the last two years, and I’ve been using them almost every day for the past couple of months. The battery life and charging options are some of my favorite parts, really happy with not having to worry about if they’re charged or not. They kind of just always are.  I think my mom is tired of me telling her, ‘Look mom, no wires.’ every time I walk by her with them on though.”

The GT220’s are now available via the company’s website and cost $259.

Photo: Grado / GT220

HHW Gaming: Ubisoft Shares Post-Launch Details For ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’ Ahead of Release 

Ubisoft Shares 'Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Post-Launch Details

Source: Ubisoft / Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s launch is still roughly a month away, but that’s not stopping Ubisoft from spilling the tea on the game’s post-launch content.

Tuesday (Oct.20), Ubisoft detailed Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s post-launch content road map confirming we will be playing the latest installment in the famed video game franchise well into 2021. The game studio detailed the unveiled the three-story expansions players can look forward to starting with “The Legend of Beowulf” quest that will be available when Assassin’s Creed Valhalla launches November 10, 2020.

The other two expansions, “Wrath of the Druids” and “The Siege of Paris,” arrived in Spring and Summer 2021.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Post-Launch Announcement

Source: Ubisoft / Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

  • The Legend of Beowulf quest: In this exclusive quest, players will uncover the monstrous truth behind the legend of Beowulf, available on the launch day of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Post-Launch Announcement

Source: Ubisoft / Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

  • Expansion 1 – Wrath of the Druids (Spring 2021): In this new adventure, players will journey to Ireland and unravel the mysteries of an ancient and mysterious druidic cult, tracking and discovering their members. Diving into Gaelic myths and folklores, they’ll need to fight their way through haunted forests and dazzling landscapes while gaining influence among Gaelic kings.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Post-Launch Announcement

Source: Ubisoft / Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

  • Expansion 2 – The Siege of Paris (Summer 2021): In The Siege of Paris, players will have the chance to relive the most ambitious battle in Viking History with key historical figures of war-torn Frankia. During this key moment in history, players will infiltrate the fortified city of Paris and the River Seine under a prolonged siege, uncover enemy secrets, and form strategic alliances to safeguard their clan’s future.

That’s not all either. Players can also look forward to FREE seasonal in-game content. December 2020 marks season 1, and it will include:

  • A new settlement area, allowing players to continue to grow and evolve their settlement.
  • A traditional Viking Festival: the Yule Festival, for players to experience in their settlement.
  • A new game mode: the River Raids. Building on Valhalla’s core raiding mechanic, the mode will deliver a dynamic, challenging, and highly replayable raid experience.
  • The addition of the Ranks for Jomsviking: in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players can not only create their lieutenant to be part of their raiding crew but also recruit some from their friends and the community. In Season 1, players will see an update to the Jomsviking feature which will allow their Jomsviking to earn XP and rank up – the higher will be the rank of the lieutenant, the more silver players will earn when recruited by other players.
  • Finally, as for each season, Season 1 will also come with new player skills and abilities, weapons and gear, and cosmetic items for the settlement, longship, horse, and raven.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Post-Launch Announcement

Source: Ubisoft / Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft revealed that gamers can expect season 2 to arrive in March 2021 and it will feature a new game mode, more festivals, a new Jomsviking update, new gear, and cosmetic items, and will build on Valhalla’s core combat experiences. Oh, and last but certainly not least a Discovery Tour mode will also be coming to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Following our 6-hour “hands-on” preview with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla we have been intrigued to further embark on Eivor’s Viking adventure. This latest news only adds to the curiosity and excitement.

You can peep the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla post-launch and season pass trailer below.

Photo: Ubisoft / Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Some of The Avengers Will Reassemble To Help Raise Some Dough For Joe Biden 

Some of The Avengers Will Join Joe Biden In A Virtual Fundraiser Event

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

The Avengers, well some of them, will reassemble one more time to help Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Don’t worry, Chris Pratt won’t be there, and that’s fine because he’s the worst Chris in Hollywood, according to Twitter, due to allegedly being a Trump-supporting, anti-LGBTQ Republican. Anyway, Don Cheadle, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana are slated to appear at the virtual fundraising event moderated by Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame directors the Russo Brothers.

The virtual event is aptly called Voters Assemble! goes down on Tuesday (Oct.19)  at 3:45 PM PT / 6:45 PM ET and to attend, all you have to do is donate any amount to help the Biden/Harris presidential ticket defeat our dumb version of Thanos, aka Donald Trump.

Virtual attendees can look forward to the Russo Brothers conducting a Q&A session with the cast and partaking in some trivia, more than likely, Marvel Comics-related.

Before the event’s announcement, Mark Ruffalo, who is a vocal supporter of  Bernie Sanders and champion for progressive values, has taken to social media to show his support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In his latest Instagram post, he said:

“We must elect champions who will fight for the Green New Deal and push Congress to pass climate action that matches the scale of the problem with the urgency our country’s future demands.”

Ruffalo’s fellow cast members Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, and Chris Evans have also been on social urging Americans to vote and calling out Donald Trump. Jackson most recently teamed up with the Biden campaign for a video urging Black Americans to exercise their right to vote.

It’s time to unite like the Avengers did after coming back from the snap and get Donald Trump out of the White House.

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Licensed To Ill: Beastie Boys Grants Biden Campaign Use Of “Sabotage” For Advertisement 

Dwayne Johnson My conversation with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Source: Retna/ / WENN

Even though Joe Biden is still in the middle of the fight of his life he has landed a major victory. The Beastie Boys have given him the green light for using their work.

As spotted on USA Today, the presidential hopefully made history in a way no other politician has been able to do so. Last week his team premiered an advertisement during Sunday night’s NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. The spot in question prominently features Joe Malcoun, owner of the Blind Pig, a performance venue in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The proprietor shares his frustration on how Donald Trump handled the Covid-19 pandemic and the financial strain he endured while remaining closed. “A lot of restaurants and bars that have been mainstays for years will not make it through this — this is Donald Trump’s economy,” he said. “My only hope, for my family and this business, and my community, is that Joe Biden wins this election.”

The legendary group licensed Joe their 1994 hit “Sabotage” for the advertisement which is the first time they have ever licensed one of their songs for political use. The “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” have long been advocates for voting; early this year they announced that they promoted to their followers on social media which helps Americans register to vote.

You can see the advertisement in question below. The 2020 presidential election goes down Tuesday, November 3 but you knew that already.


Disney+ Will Now Display A New Warning Label For Content Featuring Racist Tropes 

Disney+ Viewers Will Now See A New Warning Label For Racist Content

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Disney was well aware that some of its iconic content it is offering on Disney+ was insanely problematic, and at first, announced it would address with a vague warning. Now, the house of the mouse is cleaning that message up with a new warning label.

Right around the time Disney+ was set to launch back in November 2019, Disney announced it would warn viewers with a label about the racist content in some of its older movies so it wouldn’t have to remove it. The message was met with some criticism because some felt the company’s wording about the content in question was hazy at best.

“This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

It would seem that Disney has gotten the message and is now issuing a new unskippable warning label before several of its movies and shows warning of racists stereotypes.

Per Polygon:

“This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it, and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together.”

Disney fans will see the message appear before movies like The Aristocats, Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Swiss Family Robinson. It will also include a  URL to a Disney website called Stories Matter and will explain why the depictions of the characters in the movies are wrong and harmful. The warning will also live on the landing pages for those films as well.

This is Disney’s latest effort to right some wrongs. The company also announced that it would be “reworking” its iconic Splash Mountain ride based on one of its most problematic films, Song of the South, that has been criticized for its depictions of African Americans. The ride will now feature characters from the Princess and the Frog, Disney’s first animated feature to have a Black princess.

Photo: Anadolu Agency / Getty

HHW Gaming: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Starts Twitch Channel, Uses ‘Among Us’ To Help Reach Potential Voters 

AOC Starts Twitch Channel To Help Reach Voters While Playing 'Among Us'

Source: Scott Heins / Getty

Democrats are using every avenue to help galvanize voters in this upcoming presidential election.

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is utilizing the great uniter, video games, to help get people inspired to vote. The congresswoman started a Twitch asking her followers on Twitter if anyone wanted to play Among Us, a game she admitted she hasn’t played before. 

“Anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get out the vote? (I’ve never played, but it looks like a lot of fun).”

AOC’s choice of Among Us to stream is a no-brainer. Like Mafia, Among Us is a social-deduction party game that has quickly become one of the most popular games to watch on Twitch in 2020. As of right now, there is no other game being watched more on the online streaming site. In the game, the gameplay takes place on a spaceship. One or two players will take on the  “imposters” role whose mission is to sabotage their crewmates, trying to complete their tasks while figuring out who the imposters are.

Despite not knowing how to play the game, we are sure she will quickly figure it out since she is a gamer. AOC has a Silver III ranking in the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena video game ) League of Legends. Once Ocasio-Cortez asked who wanted to play, several popular streamers hopped in her mentions to start a session of Among Us with the popular congresswoman.

Since the creation of her Twitch channel, AOC has already managed to amass an impressive 140,000 followers. Bernie Sanders, whom she stumped for during the democratic presidential primary, has 158,000 followers on his channel. Orange Mussolini, Donald Trump, has 143,000. We expect Ocasio-Cortez to top that in no time.

AOC isn’t the first person in her party to use video games to reach potential voters. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have their own island in Nintendo’s insanely-popular Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Thanks to COVID-19, an unusual election calls for unusual methods, but in this case, this brilliant on the Democratic Party’s part. Hitting the campaign trail physically is great, BUT also tackling it virtually through the world of gaming is definitely a game-changer.

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Conway The Machine Blesses His Mama With A New Whip For Her Birthday 

Freddie Gibbs In Concert - New York, NY

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Conway The Machine is easily one of Hip-Hop’s hardest rappers today and while he is considered many things to his legion of fans, no one would’ve ever pegged him for a mama’s boy.

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but the From King To A God rapper does love his Old Earth and has no problem spreading the well-earned wealth he’s been blessed to earn in the year of 2020.

Over the weekend, Conway and his family celebrated his mother’s birthday and yesterday shared a video in which he surprised her with her very own brand new truck.

Accompanied with a caption that read, “Put together a special birthday dinner celebration yesterday for my number 1 lady, and I surprised her with a brand new truck for her bday…. love u to pieces mommy,” the video captures the moment that Mama Machine was led from her birthday party to the street where a dripped out Conway stood next to the red truck with the car key in hand.

An obviously emotional Mama Machine broke into tears when she realized what was happening before Conway wrapped his arms around her and showed her the kind of love and affection she properly deserves.

Nice whip!

The comments were filled with love and well wishes from many of Conway’s rap peers who approved of the birthday surprise Conway blessed his mom duke with.

Happy birthday Mama Machine. Thanks for blessing Hip-Hop with one of it’s illest lyricists in the game.


Cardi B Deads Her Twitter Account Due To Backlash Of Reuniting With Offset 

(FILE) Cardi B Files for Divorce from Offset After 3 Years of Marriage

Source: WENN/Avalon / WENN

After a few weeks of separation and a divorce filing, Cardi B decided to give her marriage to Offset another chance. But after her decision caused an unforeseen backlash from her rabid stan base, the “Bodak Yellow” decided to deactivate her Twitter account as she doesn’t want to hear anything negative from anyone right about now.

As of Monday (Oct. 19), Cardi’s Twitter account went dark thanks to all the people weighing in on her decision to take back Offset for the umpteenth time in their years-long relationship and she’s not having it right now.

Taking to Instagram Live to air out her frustrations with her fans, Cardi made it clear that she’s not here for anyone’s opinions saying, “When my fans talk sh*t about me instead of having my f*ckin’ back, and then they wanna talk about ‘this is constructive criticism – no, bro. Tryin’ to control my life is not constructive criticism my ni**a, that sh*t is crazy and weird.”

She’s not wrong. She went on to take issue with the fact that she’s getting all this “constructive criticism” from children saying “A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like i’m muthaf*ckin’ Ariana Grande or something. Like I came from Disney or something. That sh*t is crazy!”

Apparently, her fans are even DMing her friends and driving them crazy over the New York superstar taking back her estranged Atlanta hubby.

Truth be told, she does have a point. It’s her life and no matter what her fans may feel, it’s her decision to make. The whole “for better or worse” vow thing obviously resonates with some people more than others. Seems like Cardi is one to take her wedding vows seriously even if her fans don’t agree with them. Can’t be too mad at that.

Check out Cardi B airing out her fans below and let us know your thoughts on her recent decisions to take back Offset and deactivate her Twitter account to escape the wrath of her fans.


Taraji P. Henson Calls Off Engagement To Kelvin Hayden 

2020 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

Taraji P. Henson and Kelvin Hayden were set to be wed this past summer, but it appears the big event won’t be happening at all. In a recent interview, the Empire star says she called off the wedding after attempting to work things out with her former fiancee.

Sitting with The Breakfast Club, Henson, ever more stunning at 50 as evidenced by her birthday photos, shared with the hosts that she tried to salvage the relationship but it didn’t work out as planned. Hayden, a former NFL cornerback who got engaged to Henson in 2018, was notably absent from the Washington Metro Area native’s recent social media celebrations and confirmed the split in her typically candid fashion.

“I’m dedicated to the black man, ya’ll. I just turned 50 and I mean, I hadn’t said it yet, but it didn’t work out,” Henson explained. “I tried. I was like, therapy. Let’s do the therapy thing, but if you’re both not on the same page with that then you feel like you’re taking it on yourself and that’s not a fair position for anybody to play in a relationship.”

Hayden has not made any public comments about the split so far. Check out The Breakfast Club interview below.

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