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NuMainstream Talks host @ParisAmorOfficial caught up with JayReezy an R&B singer-songwriter out of Philadelphia about his album "Very Emotional" which he says has a classic R&B vibe. 



*here's a summary of what was discussed, press play for full interview 

Please tell us how many years have you been making music? How do you describe your sound?  

I bring back that emotion and passion! That when you sit there it's gonna touch your soul. I'm really stripping myself down the good, bad, and things I was successful at. I just do what I love from the heart and what my supporters like that true RnB.   

I've been doing music for prob about 20+ years. Started first with artistry and got a deal with RCA but after that didn't work out I had to pick up the pen and start song writing. I actually had a project in 2013 I moved to Atlanta to persue songwriting. 


Tell us who are your music influences? Also any local city influences?  

As far as influences my main influence is Michael Jackson. Artisty and songwriting I gotta say Babyface. 

I've worked with people like TLC, Boys II Men. As far as influences my main influence is Michael Jackson. As far as artistry and songwriting I gotta say Babyface, LA Reid, and Bryan Michael Scott.  

How has your perspective changed when it comes to maintaining being indie, or is your goal to get signed one day!?  

I don't mind the independent thing as long as you have the right team behind you. I look at as do you want to be rich or famous. Do you want notoriety. A lot of artist make quick money and the labels flip the artist. I look up to Babyface and Teddy Riley how we can vibe to them on Versus from songs 15 years ago. I would just like to be able to take care of my family for real. I have actually done the signed thing and had songwriters and labels tell me what they were going to do and it fall through and I've been in independent situations where we have more control and I like that better.  

How are you dealing with this Corona Virus epidemic right now?  

Directly connected to me I know one person. One person that caught it twice. They work in Philadelphia Housing Authority and some one in there had it.  

Any new projects/videos you are working on!?  

I have a film company with my bro DStheWriter and we just released a film "Night Slasher" and we have music in that too. I have a team and we are all working on ventures and trying to get it together.  

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