NuMainstream Talks @HOME w ONNY 

@RadioGuy_ caught up with Onny about her music and coronavirus experience. (Video and performance below)



Onny is a young Nigerian-American that excels in singing, writing music, producing music and beats, dancing, and acting. Born in Detroit, Michigan She started singing at the age of 5 and at the age of 9, writing music. As of today, She have written 60+ songs along with melodies that your ears will fall in love with and have gained some fan base from all over the world, with reviews stating "She is a great songwriter for her age, very humble, and well trained to take on the music industry," and "She can do what most people in the music industry cannot do, which is amazing". She plans to keep writing music for major artist in the future and wants to continue recording her music to show to the world. You will enjoy watching her develop as an artist. She has also been a role model to young children and volunteered to speak to children about music at their summer camps. Her single “No Sabi This Love” is an afrobeat, dancehall song that has been released. The music video that was directed by an Atlanta celebrity photographer and videographer, will be out April 11, so check her Twitter and Instagram page for updates.Her newest project “Tony” is an RnB/pop/soul/ song which was the most recent release which she created a “self” music video to. I hope you all will also listen to her songs and feel the songs with her as She continues her music journey.



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